Even though it’s illegal many people possess a License to Hate. Generally such licenses are issued by algorithm, but can be executively administrated. They can be revoked at a moment’s notice, without warning. Knowledge of such licenses is not known to the general public. This helps ignite conspiracy theorists who cannot ascertain why some civil […]

  “We need a new Tzar,” the guest commentator drones on. “A Crime Tzar. Someone to take care of the bureaucratic nonsense. Really cut through the chaff and then make a difference on the streets. Someone that can really put an end to all these terrible incidents we’re hearing about almost every day now.”   […]

  The Showrunner hates, with steaming fury, the franchise and the fans. Brain not working properly because anger is at peak, crimson levels.   “How dare they!”   The production team are hushed, eyes to the ground, unwilling to respond whilst the Showrunner is tirading.   “How dare they boycott the franchise! What is wrong […]

“The winning vote is the losing vote.” This is one of the doctrines of Double-Post. Like all successful philosophies it metamorphed into reality with bizarre, unexpectant ways, and was written decades before the Executive, as we know it today, was constituted based on its guiding principles.   “The majority cannot be trusted with power, or […]

  Hoaxed hate is a more and more common problem. Those in need of attention are staging fake hate incidents. Increasingly difficult for the authorities to tell the difference between the reality and fiction.   Masculinised Social Unit burnt down their home and claimed it was because of hatred of the sexual identity group it […]

The Art Students were instructed to tear up oil classics hanging in the museum. Lecturers preached “total creative destruction” all the live long day. Tourists paid to gawk at the students destroying Van Goghs, Picassos, Caravaggios, Turners. The list goes on. “We have copies! We don’t need originals!” declared one extremely enthusiastic student, ripping apart […]

Algorithms decide which images from the Red Carpet Awards go viral. Social Units that exhibit the strongest allegiance to Double-Post are splattered across the Network. As has been common over the last decade, the most viral are pics of Male Units in the process of Feminising. Harder and harder these days for Female Units to […]